Dare to be united, dare to be Americans


You have forgotten…

Or haven’t felt it in your lifetime…

But you’ve felt that there is something
fundamentally wrong.

Some of you may not fully understand “what we mean” when your parents or grandparents say what it meant to be an American. But you can feel it. That maybe the world today isn’t what it should be.

That we shouldn’t be wasting our time fighting and being divided.

Most people today don’t even realize what we’ve lost. You don’t need other people to tell you how things were, because you can feel it. You know the stories of America don’t line up with where we are today.

You know in your heart that who we are today is not what an American is meant to be.

What makes us unique is a simple dream.

Americans don’t take pride in our history. We don’t take pride in what we did yesterday. We don’t even take pride in who we are today.

Rather, Americans take pride in who we can be tomorrow. We take pride in the belief that tomorrow will be better, and not because a government or a king or some outside force has promised to fix our problems.

Tomorrow will be better because we fought for it and built it with our own hands. We forge our own tomorrow.

Rather than being divided and hating your fellow American we need to be united around the simple dream of what it means to be American. We build our future with our own hands just like everyone who was born before us has and everyone who has come after us will.

But right now it is up to us to do it.